Hi everyone! Firstly, I want to thank you very much for reading my blog. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read about my journey (and I hope you like reading it too!).

I think a great way to talk about myself from a chronological viewpoint (i.e. according to time), so you can get a complete picture of who I am.

2000 – 2005

I was born in 1994, so when I was 6 years old (in 2000), I recall setting up my first business. It wasn’t a great idea, but I do remember sitting with my grandma at the front of my house selling paper plates and cups to any prospective customers that passed our house.

When I was 7 years old, so in 2001, I decided I wanted to take it up a notch and start a dry cleaners; by setting up a tent in my front yard and putting a big sign on the front of the tent saying ‘dry cleaners’. Suffice to say we didn’t get many customers!

When I was 8 years old, so in 2002, it was a very hot summer as I recall it. To help customers cool down in a hot summer, I folded A4 pieces of paper to create mini fans that customers can use to fan themselves. I then created an immense amount of these mini fans and put them in a large garbage bag and sold them door to door to customers around our neighbourhood – but again, I think customers only bought out of pity that this scrawny 8 year old kid fought it out in a hot summer’s day.

2005 – 2010

From 2002 to 2007, I didn’t really engage in many businesses as I recall it. I do recall taking apart PCs and being inquisitive in that regard. It wasn’t, however, until 2007 that I began to learn how to create websites and create online products. I created a few online products and at that time I lost my entire bank account to failed ideas. I was terrified telling my parents, and so didn’t say anything. Instead, I had to find a way to make money online so that I could recoup my losses without them knowing!

It wasn’t until November 2009 that I came across a winning idea! I noticed that Xboxs were frequently breaking down and succumbing to what was colloquially known as the ‘red ring of death’. A person had created a site dedicated to teaching customers around the world how to repair this internal overheating error in an Xbox from the comfort of a their own homes. I figured there has to be a similar problem faced in PS3s, so I did an online search and realised that many customers were having these same issues. It was time to pounce.

I created my first digital product geared towards helping customers around the world repair their own PS3s at home, and save $150 in the process! To send a broken PS3 to Sony for repair would cost around $200 to $250, so we saved the customer an immense amount of cash. The website, I believe, is still up to this day: http://ps3lightsfix.com/

2010 – 2015

Over the space of 3.5 years, so from the end of 2009 to June 2013, the PS3 repair website sold over 10,000 copies of the guide at $37 USD per copy. For a teenager, I remember the experience very vividly – one of amazement and proudness.


2015 – 2017