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Hi there! Thanks a ton for spending some time here to read my personal blog. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

Why did I decide to start this?

Simple. I need a place to blog about my thoughts surrounding business, the tutoring industry and anything else related to starting and building companies. It’s quite cathartic for me and represents a great emotional outlet for my thoughts and ideas. I’ve also always been the introverted type who enjoys relaxing my writing, so in my spare time I will publish any information here.

I also further realised I needed a destination to further reflect my entrepreneurial persona and identity, apart from just my personal Facebook profile! I’ve also been unapologetically myself in everything I do, and this blog is no exception. What you see is what you get, and what you see is my true identity being portrayed on my site and blog.

Who is this blog for?

I gave much thought to this before I started my personal site, and believe it’s for anyone wishing to set and achieve goals, greatness and self-actualisation. I’ve also been driven to helping people and believe that everyone can be successful and happy if they stay true to themselves. It’s not just necessarily for those starting a business/company; it can simply be an avenue to learn the values and principles needed to achieve greatness in different aspects of your life including health, wealth and relationships.

What is my long term goal for the site?

At this stage, there isn’t any foreseeable monetisation plan; rather the purpose of this site is to simply document my journey for others and inspire them to achieve their own personal greatness, whether that be through business or other avenues.

Where should you start on the site?

To begin your navigation on the site, I’d recommend clicking one of the tabs above in the navigation bar. You can then see all my content, work and achievements from there 🙂

Want to contact me?

Sure, I’d love to hear from you! Please go here.